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Specializing in Organic Gourmet Dog Bakery Products, In Home Pet sitting Caring for Dogs, Cats, Parrots, Horses and Many Other Animals in Massachusetts along with some areas of NH. 

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Hello & Welcome To Our Newly Improved Site!

My name is Deanna Terminiello Intuitive Animal Energy Healer, Head Pet sitter, and Baker here at Precious Pets Home Care and Organic Gourmet Dog Treats.  

In May of 1998 I achieved my Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology from Essex Agricultural & Technical Institute.  I'm  also a Certified Pet Bereavement Counselor and hold Certifications/Diplomas in Professional Pet sitting, Naturopathy, Botanical Remedies for Pets (Bach Flower Remedies), Mater Herbalism, Advanced Master Herbalism, Canine Holistic Health & Therapy, Pet Nutrition, General Pet Psychology, Animal Assisted Therapy, Feline Bevavior & Psychology, Equine Psychology, Introduction To Dog Training, Dog Training, Puppy Training, Canine BehaviorTraining, Canine Communication, Pet first aide & CPR.

Currently I am  an intern with At Your Service Dog Training, LLC  and studying for my Diplomas  in CBD Oil for Animals, Crystal Healing for Animals, Intuitive Healing, Shamanic/Energy Healing, Essential Oils, Homeopathy and Flower & Vibrational Essense to better assist my clients with a more natural holistic approach to understanding their animal babies physically, psychologically and spiritually.

*All training methods are Positive Reinforcement based.

Animals have been my life love which is why I began this unique business and became an animal activist in speaking for the innocent and voiceless to strengthen animal cruelty laws in the state of Massachusetts.

I've worked with many rescue,  senior and chronically ill animals. I have  frequently been called an animal whisperer by many due to the unique spiritual connection, love and chemistry I share with with our animal friends.  

Founded in January of 2003, we're constantly striving to be second to none in providing high quality, fresh organic dog treats and top notch pet care performed responsibly and trustworthy while you're away from home.

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Owned and operated by a veterinary technician, Precious Pets Home Care & Organic Gourmet Dog Treats has been providing expert pet care services since January of 2003. These services include, but are not limited to dog walking, pet sitting, and overnight care. Positive Reinforcement Dog Training services are coming soon!

Rest assured that all of these services are provided by someone that is knowledgeable in veterinary medicine to assist with your pet's medical needs while you're away.  

We specialize in dog, cat, parrot and horse care, however, we also care for a variety of other small and farm animals.

We are fully insured with a bond-like coverage

Why Is Home Care The Better Choice?


We understand that being away from home can cause anxiety and stress for both you and your pets.  Not only will you have the benefit of keeping your loved one(s) comfortable in a familiar environment (their own home), but you will have the added benefit of someone looking after your home in your absence.

Kenneling your pets in a loud unfamiliar environment is stressful and can very often feel unbearable for them. The incessant, deafening barks of dogs is extremely traumatizing, especially for cats, which can take weeks to recover from.

Due to this stress, dogs often develop "kennel cough"  also known as infectious canine tracheobronchitis, a highly contagious respiratory disease.  The preventative vaccine is only 50-60% effective, and often, dogs end up with kennel cough due to this stress, even after vaccination. Therefore, being relaxed in his/her home is much less stressful. 

    Another option to avoid a crowded, loud kennel is my quiet animal friendly home. During your pets stay in my home, my goal is to provide a 'home away from home' atmosphere in a loving, comfortable environment during your absence.

Our Non-GMO, Preservative-Free, Organic Gourmet Dog Treats






These delicious beneficial Non-GMO, organic gourmet dog treats are naturally made with no added salt, sugar, or preservatives. They are wheat, soy, corn, whey, yeast, dairy  and preservative-free. 

Made to order with only the freshest of ingredients used.



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Our Organic, Gourmet, Non-GMO, Grain Free Dog Treats


There is much to see here, so take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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I've finished my diplomas in Master and Advanced Master Herbalism, Botanical Remedies for Pets and am currently studying for my diplomas/certifications in Natural Holistic Remedies, Natural Essential Oils, Flower & Vibrational Essences, Bach Flower Remedies and Natural Holistic Beauty & Home care Remedies. 

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"Deanna is very nice, and we feel comfortable having her in our home. She typically keeps a log of
her visits, which is very helpful. She also always checks in to ensure you got home okay. We also love
that she is very responsive to email."

Christine C.

  • Overall A
  • Price A
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality N/A
  • Professionalism A

 "Very good group!  Care for animals was as good as I would have given to them.  Five cats and 1 parrot to be visited every day.  Two on a special diet and one needing medication.  Blankets, rugs, etc. were changed frequently, floor was swept, litter pans were left immaculate.  Bird who does not like strangers was comfortable with care giver. 
No worries at all in the three weeks away from home.  Would HIGHLY recommend"

Elizabeth H.

  • Overall A
  • Price B
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A 

"I can't say enough good things about Precious Pets.  It's so important to have someone keeping your fur babies when you're on vacation - you can really rest and recover.  We're very satisfied customers and will be using her again!"

Lauren A.

  • Overall A
  • Price B
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A 

"Deanna was great! She stayed in regular contact during our entire vacation, including texting us
pictures of the critters. When we arrived back, the house was tidy, the critters were well fed, and we
were happy. We'll definitely be using Deanna again!"

Christopher L.

  • Overall A
  • Price B
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A

 "It was great and very convenient.  Her rates are really reasonable and she was great with our dog.    I loved that my dog could stay in her own home while we were away.   Deanna took care of her feedings, spent time playing with her, and additionally took in my mail and took out my trash.     She even was able to fix an issue with one of my windows that had caused a problem with my alarm system while I was away (the window had slid down and needed to be pushed back up and relocked). We will definitely will be using her again."

Christine S.

  • Overall A
  • Price A
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A

"Deanna *IS* a dog whisperer! She was fantastic with my newly adopted 2-year-old dog who we brought home only 6 weeks prior to our vacation. As background, we adopted our dog on June 30th and she has been extremely skittish from Day 1. She was abused as a puppy and, as a result, she is afraid of everyone and everything and progress has been extremely slow.
We were supposed to bring our dog on our vacation but the house we had planned to rent fell through. We ended up in a pickle the week before our vacation because we needed to find someone to come to the house to take care of her. I was afraid that a kennel would be too traumatic for her.  I originally contacted another highly rated dog sitting service on Angie's List before reaching out to Precious Pets. After meeting with my dog and initially telling me that he would dog sit (four visits per day), the owner of this other pet service decided my dog was too skittish to take on as a client. I was crushed because, while our dog is extremely nervous around people, she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body.
I contacted Deanna at Precious Pets and had her come out for a consultation. When she arrived there was no doubt that Deanna knew what she was doing. Babby is definitely a *special* dog and Deanna couldn't have been better with her. Babby, who still hasn't warmed up to my children or husband, actually licked her hand. If you know our dog, you'd know this was a big deal. Deanna knows exactly how to deal with nervous dogs and every other type of dog, I'm sure. She was as warm and sweet as could be and agreed to watch her on our vacation.
We were gone for four nights and everything went off without a hitch. Deanna sent almost daily videos, pictures and text messages to keep me updated on our dog and cats. She made me feel comfortable right away and was absolutely wonderful with our pets and completely trustworthy in our house. Deanna LOVES animals -- it is evident from the moment you meet her -- and the animals love her too! When we came home, I saw that Deanna had washed all the sheets and cleaned up. She took care of everything in our house. Most importantly, Babby was in good spirits. It was obvious Deanna had taken excellent care of Babby while we were gone. The last day of vacation, Deanna gave me a detailed overview of everything that had happened with our pets which was very nice and she's continued to check in about Babby which is wonderful. I can't recommend her highly enough and would use her in a heartbeat the next time we go away."

Maria T.

  • Overall A
  • Price A
  • Quality A
  • Responsiveness A
  • Punctuality A
  • Professionalism A

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